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Divine Will Conference
Please Join Us!

Fr. Nicholas Akindele

Fr. Akindele, 46, was born in Egbe, Nigeria. He earned a BA in philosophy from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He completed theology studies at Urban University in Rome. On May 6, 2000, he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Joseph Ajomo at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Lokoja, Nigeria. Presently he is at the Davenport Diocese in Iowa, Fr. Akindele is also working on his degree in Canon Law (church law) from the University of Leuven in Belgium. He is in the process of writing his doctoral dissertation and received permission from his diocese to get practical experience working in the Diocese of Davenport’s Marriage Tribunal. 

Friday, June 9th 

3:00 pm  Registration

4:00 pm  Welcome/Introduction: Sons and

               Daughters of the Lamb

5:00 pm  Dinner

6:30 pm  Seven Sorrows Rosary

7:30 pm  Fr. Nicholas Akindele Talk"Vinum

               non Habent", They Have No Wine

8:30 pm  Evening Prayer / Adoration


Saturday, June 10th 

  8:00 am  Check-in

  9:00 am  Morning Prayer

10:00 am  "The Perfect Motives of the Devotion

                 to the Immaculate Heart of Mary"

11:00 am  Holy Mass

12:00 pm  Lunch

  2:00 pm  "The Immaculate Heart of Mary is the

                 Path into the Divine Will & the Triumph"

  3:00 pm  Divine Mercy Chaplet in the Divine Will

                 Fellowship with Guests

2-Day Conference Ticket = $70 (Includes 2 meals)

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