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Sons & Daughters of the Lamb
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July 27, 2022, Message from Jesus


It is My Mother who will lead you into battle, she will be guiding you and directing you. Do not fear, TRUST HER AS YOU WOULD TRUST ME, be prepared.  I am there for you and My ways are the way of truth.  Because of these times, you are suffering greatly due to sin and man cannot live in a world where God is absent.  I am intervening in a way that MY WILL will become united to mankind so I will become True God to man. Not a god of material things, but a GOD OF THE WORD, TRUE WORD, A WORD THAT BECAME FLESH.  Mankind cannot and will not be able to accept their faults unless I show them.  I will be giving them a sign and this sign will be for all humanity to see their sinfulness and purge them of these sins.  All must be accountable for their sins in order to be redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb – My Sacrifice. 


I am with you always and I will help you through this purging, for it will take you into a new dimension and it will be an awakening of your spirit to accept Me as your God in your hearts.  The Father has commanded this to be My time on earth and for you to realize that you are His creation which must be united to Him through Me Jesus His Son.  The Spirit will come upon you to make all things new again.


First Friday July 1st, 2022

The Marian Movement of Priests is the key to usher in the renewal of the Catholic Church.  By prayer and discerning everything is an important aspect of relating to an understanding of the formation of the church and its CORRUPTION FROM WITHIN. Read Fr. Gobbi’s work to understand the path that the church has taken.  No one will fully understand but they will have a deeper understanding of why the Church must be rebuilt, renewed and restructured to be a light for all of humanity.

Message from Jesus @ 2:23 pm, 7/1/22:

Now is the time My children to read and learn about My church and the many people of the church who have gone astray trying to achieve their own power.  My power is the Holy Spirit, their power is from satan--a false power driven by evil and deceit. You will gain a deeper understanding of the way the church has fallen into this false power.  My children be not afraid to embrace the truth, read the words given to Fr. Gobbi by My Mother within and through Her Immaculate Heart.  All will be kept safe who believe and trust in My Will.  My children continue to live in the light of My Will, you are the renewal of My church.  Go in peace and love Me in all you encounter for My greater glory in honor of My Father and My Spirit.  I love you all! 

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Important Message from Jesus

Sunday, June 19, 2022 @ 7:12 am
I am with you always even until the end of time. My Mother is with you as well, pray to Her for your help…She will be there to guide you.  Now words for the group…

My children I am with you, I am here for each one of you.  Please come to me and give Me all of your trials and I will take care of them for they are My trials too.  If you believe in Me then all your fear and anxiety will be taken care of and through all of these trials you will become stronger in your faith.  Remember the Saints had many trials and difficulties in their lives, and this brought them closer to Me, for the Saints are the examples of TRUE FAITH.


Now My children you will be experiencing a crisis very soon in your country (USA) and will need to prepare…listen to your heart and be vigilant…prepare with some food and water, enough to get you through a short period of time. Where there is little I will multiple to produce more as needed, for you will be helping others as I bring them to you.  NO FEAR THIS IS ONLY FOR SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. NO WORRIES, JUST TRUST, I WILL PROVIDE.


My daughter they are to believe My words and be obedient doing as I say so they will be prepared. The stores in some cities will be closed due to power outages, so no products will be available. This is because of the electric outages that maintain the stores for buying and selling.  You will be given the grace to get through this short period of time.

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It has been over 2 years now since March of 2020 when Jesus asked the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb to come together in prayer on Sundays for our country.

Jesus speaks: "I ask my children to come together with me in prayer to the Father to mitigate the sufferings that will come from this transition your country is going through by my hand.  I have allowed this to save your republic and bring back my people from total destruction.  I have prepared

you for this, My Mother is there to help you, pray to her with intercessory prayer and ask for the grace to overcome this transition.”

As a result, from our dedication and love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God has heard and answered our prayers.  Below is the most recent message given to the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb regarding the USA.

1st Saturday June 3, 2022 @ 12:37 pm

Prepare yourself and listen carefully…relay this to the group.

I will prepare a place for each one of these members, a place of safety and love.  No one can harm those whom I have placed within My heart…they are here to stay.


Tell them of My love and the gratitude I have for their prayers for humanity, because of their dedicated hearts of prayer My Father has mitigated many chastisements and sufferings for the human race.  The sinfulness of man has caused the earth to be on the verge of collapse, but the prayers of My faithful have stopped and halted this collapse of society.  You know My words daughter, speak of My love for these souls who have been dedicated to My Mercy and are walking in My Will. 


Children you have been a beacon of light in this hour of darkness. Wait and watch, for the renewal of the church will come forth through your prayers and sufferings.  Please continue to bear the load and allow Me to help you into the New Era of Peace, with My Mother carrying you within Her heart…She is the New Ark of the Covenant…the Ark of salvation for all My children and humanity will be given a new day! 

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Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 1:00 pm

I want you to tell them of My love: My love is never ending; it can be compared to a vast ocean that never runs dry.  You My children are Mine.  I have called you forth to proclaim the good news, to proclaim that My mountain of grace is for all to obtain.  Just one YES from you is the beginning of a journey and one day you will reach the top of the mountain.  My grace is sufficient but will increase as you walk in My Will.

Pray, discern, trust and obey, for the faith will lead you home and there you will be with Me for all eternity.  Strive for perfection in My Will – read and learn Luisa’s way (Little Daughter of the Divine Will - Luisa Piccarreta), there you will find your peace and My Will.


I love you all.  Go now and be a light for all humanity, as you wait for My return.

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