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Prayer for New Community

St. Michael the Archangel, with your light, illuminate us; St. Michael the Archangel with your wings, protect us; St. Michael the Archangel with your sword, defend us in the Divine Will; Pierce us with your sword of truth.

Holy Father we come to You on bended knee, in humble adoration before Your most awesome presence in Your Most Holy and Divine Will to ask You to admit us into Your Kingdom, so we may be an instrument to bring Your Kingdom to earth. Place us deep within Your heart, breathe in us Your very breath, flow Your blood through our veins and place in us Your very life so Your Kingdom will be brought forth through us. Make us Your altar of sacrifice so that Your fire and love will burn within us, Your fire of love will burn within us now and throughout all eternity.


Make us a mirror of Yourself to be holy prisms of light, and create in us Your ocean of mercy, so that Your Kingdom of the Divine Will will flow through every human being as a river of light. Let our heartbeats be as one, our breath as one, and love from Your heart fill us in every moment of our life from this moment forward. Father it is Your Divine Will that desires that the Kingdom come. United in prayer with every heart of good will, all the angels, all the souls in purgatory, and those not yet born, we implore that You allow the Benedictines of the Lamb of Divine Will and a new community of love in the Diocese of Joliet of religious and laity be born, let it come, let it come to life. Let it come forth from Your heart and become flesh upon the earth. Allow the divine graces to be released, so that this place of holiness and love will be the fruit of our love for You, because it is the fruit of Your love for us. For we love You because You loved us first.

Thank You Father. We praise You for this most precious gift, and for allowing us to be the building blocks in your Kingdom on earth. Amen

“Oh Mother grant that my heart may be a living Host, consecrated and transformed into Him, in such a way that I may be ciborium, tabernacle, and continuous life of love and offering in sacrifice with Jesus Himself.” (Luisa Piccarreta)

Luisa Piccarreta and St. Hannibal D'Francia Pray for us!

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

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