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Inspired Prayer Written Pentecost Sunday 2014 
By A Daughter of the Divine Will, Rita C.

(Jesus has asked us to recite this prayer for this Apostolate of Mercy and was

given to a new member of the Daughters of the Lamb)


"Fusing the activities of the Sons & Daughters of the Lamb into the Life of the Divine Will"


My Jesus, I come before you fused in Your Most Holy Will, in complete abandonment as a perpetual intention to fuse all the acts of the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb in the Divine Will. We want to bind all their acts from Adam to the last person that will be born into existence, knowing that within Your Most Holy Will all is one Act, Past, Present and Future, in the center of all eternity, where all is one single point within You. May every breath, heartbeat, word, and movement of all the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb be offered as a divine act to glorify You My Jesus.


I continue to enter into every choir of the holy angels and then proceeding through each angel, fusing each member into the activity of each choir and each angel. Oh Holy Angels, please take each act of these children to the Almighty Throne and offer as a Divine Act in the Divine Will.


I then want to enter and place myself into each day of creation, all the acts of all the prophets, Major and Minor, Your Incarnation, Your hidden life, three years of ministry, Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension. Fusing all the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb into every act of Your very Life Most Heavenly Savior, and obtaining the graces for Living Your Life in the Divine Will which You anxiously await to give as their inheritance.


Next, I want to enter into each of the Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother. The Prophecy of Simeon, the Flight into Egypt, Losing Jesus for 3 days, Meeting Jesus on the way to Calvary, His Crucifixion, Taking Him down from the cross, and His burial. Fusing all the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb into the Sorrowful Acts of the Heavenly Queen, to love and console Her and obtain all the merits She desires to deposit into Her children. Please, Oh Most Holy Queen and Mamma, plant the seeds of the Divine Will into the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb.


And moving my soul deeper into Your Most Holy Volition, I want to fuse the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb into the very Act of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Her birth, Her 3 years of life with Saints Ann and Joachim, Her Life in the Temple, Her life with Saint Joseph, the Incarnation, Birth, and Presentation of Our Lord, continuing through Her life after the Death of Her Son, through each and every act of life with the Newborn Church, to Her very holy death, Assumption, Crowning in Heaven. Fusing all the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb into these acts of Her life that they may obtain all Her merits, which She anxiously awaits to give.


We want to thank Jesus for the gift of Luisa, that He re-established His Kingdom within her and all those who will come into the Kingdom because of Luisa's "yes", her sufferings and sacrifices for us. I thank you Father, love you Father with your very own Love, I want to send back to you these very waves of Love from Holy Mamma, the Saints, Angels, all the love you put into creation, with your very own love, I want to Fuse the Sons and Daughters of the Lamb into the Eternal Will of God which encompasses everyone and everything!

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