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Prayer to St. Joseph for the
Sons and Daughters of the Lamb
Houses of Mercy

Come Holy Spirit be with us as we pray, we call upon you to ignite the fire within us so, we will be one with Our Savior Jesus. Come Holy Spirit bless us with an infinite love and a faith to overcome all trials and help us to be one with Christ.” (Jesus 2010)


St. Joseph help us to bring all souls to Christ, so we may heal our broken humanity through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The “Sons Daughters of the Lamb of the Immaculate Conception were established solely for the purpose of saving souls, no other reason...REDEMPTION... bringing souls to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through our Mother Mary” (Mother Mary 2013). We wish to restore the family as the focal point in the Catholic Church, with proper faith formation to develop a deeper spiritual life in Christ. Help us build these Houses of Mercy to become an oratory of love, a place of refuge where mercy dwells, with obedience to the Will of God, a stability of heart and a commitment to live a life spiritually in piety and balance in the Benedictine way of life.


Christ promised a New Heaven and a New Earth (CCC#671) and God's gift to the world is the gift of His Divine Will "renewing the face of the earth." God's desire is for all His children to live an intimate life with Him through His church teachings. He has deposited within His bride the Catholic Church to save humanity. St. Joseph, we pray that this apostolate will continue to grow and form homes into places of mercy and love, all within God’s holy and Divine Will, bringing forth vocations to religious life and the priesthood from these Christ centered homes-renewing the domestic church to further the Kingdom of God on earth.


Come Divine Will, come through the Heart of St. Joseph.

  • Most Blessed Trinity comes to us through the heart of Thy Mother Mary and through St. Joseph her most chaste and holy spouse, where all is and all will be now and forever.

  • Our Father…

  • Hail Joseph, Son of David, the just and the chaste, wisdom is with you; Blessed are you among all men, and blessed is Jesus the fruit of Mary, your faithful spouse. Holy Joseph, worthy foster-father and guardian of Jesus Christ and of the Holy Church, pray for us sinners and obtain divine wisdom for us from God, now and at the hour of our death. (3-times)

  • Glory be…

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