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Messages from Jesus
Posted on the Last Friday of Each Month
O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy his consolations.  Through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

May, 2023 Messages from Jesus

Friday, May 5, 2023

Isaiah 4:2 On that day, the branch of the LORD will be beauty and glory, and the fruit of the land will be honor and splendor for the survivors of Israel.


My little children, how pleased I am with your work in saving souls, I am with you always. Be at peace, for My love is with you and with all of humanity.  In this period of time that you are living, I have increased the eternal clock to allow My children more grace in their sufferings to help you along the way in your daily lives.  My children, this is a gift from the Eternal Father, for He has prepared a place in time for each one of you.  Your souls are His and the Father will bring you to His Eternal Heart where mercy and love dwell within His Eternal Will, this is the Divine Will.  The Saints of old only knew a fraction of My Will but through My Divinity I released My gift of the Divine Will to Luisa and all was given to humanity at this moment of time, a gift to be living in My Divine Will.  You are part of this gift, for all who partake in My acts of the Divine Will are united to My Will. You will also be able to release this grace to humanity in all your daily Acts of My Will. This is My Divinity alive within you.  Believe!


Now time…you have seen an increase of your time, your days and nights pass by quickly, you feel as though there is not enough time in your day to complete your tasks.  This is not your imagination that the days are passing by.  I have speeded up the time in eternity for life to continue presenting the perfect act in My Will, your time on earth reflects My time in Heaven.  You see children, the acts in My Will reflect everything.  Your daily acts are mirrored with Mine in Heaven, it is in eternity that your life will reflect Mine from your acts in the Divine Will.  These acts are done in My Will to please the Father and restore the Kingdom on Earth.  Believe, with this increase of time I have eased your sufferings to help you carry your crosses each day.  Living in the Divine Will is an act in eternity, prepare yourself daily with a prevenient act and by calling down Heaven into your soul to fuse your acts in My Divine Will.  My Mother is always with you as She helps nurture and fuse your wills with Mine.


You are living in the Days of Sorrows, for it is in My Mother’s Heart of Sorrows that you will be carried to the throne of God by your acts in the Divine Will.  Please continue your acts for Me through My Mother’s Sorrowful Heart for She carries the Sorrows of the world within Her Heart.  Did you know children that the Sorrows of My Mother’s Heart are a way into the Divine Will?  She carries My Passion within Her Heart; there I am always waiting for My lost children to come to Me through Her Heart.  Be mindful of all She suffered for Me in life and in death.


Now My children your acts in the Divine Will will save humanity. I want you to pray to My Mother with your acts united to Her.  My Mother will lead you, will prepare you and guide you daily, by beginning your Prevenient Act with Her at the start of each day.  Call on the Divine Will to come through the Heart of My Mother to all of humanity.


Friday, May 12, 2023

I am with you My daughter and I have shown you these two visions of the potter and the sculptor. The potter at his wheel molding the clay symbolizes the soul being formed according to My Will, this lump of clay is like a little newborn in My hands of creation.  The sculptor who chisels against the hard stone is preparing the soul to enter into My Will, as I chip away at this 


hard stone, I am chipping away at the hardness of the soul’s interior, but eventually bit by bit this course hard stone becomes a beautiful work of art, smooth and conformed to My Will.  These two images are examples of souls being formed into My Divine Will.  You see My daughter, each soul is molded differently in My Will; some are more docile and obedient while others are rigid and hard of heart.  The heart that is open to receive Me is the one that I am able to conform into My Will.

Now prayer – the significance of prayer is the beginning of a relationship with God.  I am the way and the light and those who walk in My light are being formed in My love with My prayer in them and this is an answer to all things.  The way I answer a soul is through prayer.  This is significant because it allows the soul a source of communication and develops a relationship with their God the Creator.  No one should be without prayer, for it is the essential source of being present with God.


In the beginning when the Father formed man, He created him to be alive within God and man was united to His Will.  Man was given all things and established the first union with God in His Will – the Creator.  The Father was pleased with His creation for Adam was the first son of God’s human creation and an act of sin separated God from Adam resulting in future generations with original sin.  My Father in a great act of mercy redeemed the world by sending His Son to build the kingdom of Divine Will, this act of God’s Will is within Me and it is through Me that I allowed Luisa to be the first to receive My Divine Will.  The kingdom united in My Will comes forth on earth as it is in Heaven.


Friday, May 19, 2023

Psalm 139:13-14  For it was you who created my being, knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I thank you for the wonder of my being, for the wonders of all your creation.


My daughter I am with you always, be at peace, for My Mother is here today to speak with you in My Will…child believe.

I am here My daughter it is I Mother Mary, be at peace in God’s Will and believe in Luisa’s writings as the way into the Divine Life of God’s Will.  Praise be to Jesus Son of the Living God; for He reigns within you and within all His children who have accepted Him as God.


Pray for the enlightenment of your soul and all souls for the great gift of the Divine Will.  Some of the lives of the saints have been part of God’s Divine Will but not to the fullest as Luisa, for she was the first daughter to receive the fulfillment of God’s Divine Will, and through Luisa’s gift was the beginning of the kingdom to come on earth for all humanity.

I am with you always…Your Mother Mary


Friday, May 26, 2023

Psalm 4:2  O men, how long will your hearts be closed, will you love what is futile and seek what is false?


The Sun has set on America now and as you close your eyes to sleep you will awake to a new tomorrow.  I want you to know of My great love for America and all My children who continue praying for your Republic.  This administration is corrupt, and their sins will be their downfall.  I will expose all those who have corrupted this country and those who have failed to protect the innocent.  I must cleanse the earth and the United States must be protected to uphold its God given rights, for this country is a beacon of light for all the world.  You My children of America must pray and accept the consequences of you faults, for you have allowed this corruption by accepting your worldly possessions for greed and materialism over righteous acts that stand for truth in a sovereign nation governed by God in its constitution.


My people, are you awake now and seeing everything that is going on around you? Your schools, churches and governmental institutions are attacking the very foundation of the family with its worldly ideologies and false promises that have polluted your souls.  It is time that you start living the life I have created you to live, and that is in My Will.  Submit yourselves to Me with love and forgiveness of sin and I will pour out My Mercy upon you.  I will recreate you into a new child of God and uphold all My acts within you making you one with Me.  This My children will be the act of living in My Divine Will.  You can become one with God if you submit and give Me your wills.  I am here for you, and I will never leave you, for I have created you for this very moment in time where My Will brings forth the sanctification of all humanity.  My Trinitarian love created by the Father has been given to you to put forth your YES for My Will to reign in you.  Begin each day with an I Love You and I will pour out My grace upon you.  Trust Me My children and submit to My Will, for I will help you with this transition in time when all humanity will feel the struggle for survival.  It will be a time of much suffering, but in the end, I will make all things new again for you, this country, and the world.  Your country will be recognized as a birth for mankind into new beginnings with its Creator.



The cross that surmounts the overall depiction of the heart signifies the throne we made for our Heavenly King.  But Christ changed this throne of pain into a sign of His love.


The flames signify the fire of Divine love.  It’s not a fire that destroys, but is a fire that purifies.  Every step we take in the spiritual life will become more purified and result in a deeper union with Jesus.

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