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First Friday Devotion
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Church grants a Plenary indulgence to those who attend Mass and receive Communion in honor of The Sacred Heart of Jesus on the First Friday of each month for nine (9) consecutive months.

First Friday Devotion

Prayer Booklet


Secrets of Your Heart,

Open up to me,

Treasures of Your love,

Gifts of charity,

Have mercy on us, Lord

(Recite on the Our Father beads)


Sweet Heart of Jesus,

Burning with Love,

Inflame our hearts with Your love.

(Repeat 10x on the Hail Mary beads of the 5 decades)


At the end of the 5th decade…


Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Formed by the Holy Spirit,

In the womb of Mary,

United to the word of God.

I commit myself to you,

I commit myself to you.

(Repeat 3x)

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